Sellrainer hut round

The Sellrainer hut round out of Sellrain Village on Potsdamer Hut, Asuncion, Pforzheimer Hut, Schweinfurt Hut, and Dortmund Hut, Bielefeld Hut to Sellrain Village. The scenic route runs great on long journeys through high alpine terrain. A proper equipment (see page 27) and good preparation are therefore essential. Who is on its way, you should bring not only a good physical condition and mountaineering experience.

Stages 7-8, 5085 meters uphill-downhill

can be varied to Sell Rainer hut after the second round stage by the Ötztal loop or after the sixth stage of the Inn Valley loop.

Ötz valley loop

On the Sellrainer hut round to finish the second stage, the Asuncion. Now more than Amberger hut Winnebachseehütte and Pforzheimer hut to Sellrain.

6 stages, 7610 Hm uphill-downhill

Inn valley loop

In particular, the portion of the promising Peter Anich Crest Trail offers a beautiful view of the Inn Valley: The hustle and bustle in the valley make the beauty of this walk in the peaceful nature of the mountains even more confident.

On the sell Rainer hut round up to the sixth stage, the Dortmund hut. Now, of Peter-Anich Hut and Rosskogelhütte returned to Sellrain Viallge.

3 stages in 2625 Hm uphill-downhill

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