Sellrainer Mountains

Natural landscape at its best: Sellrainer mountain (climb to the Pforzheimer hut)
Half an hour's drive from Innsbruck is the area of the mountains Sell Rainer. It is bounded by the Inn Valley in the north, the west is the Ötz Alps, in the east and the Stubai Alps in the south.
In addition to the main valley there are many quiet little side valleys off the main traffic flows. These are surrounded by beautiful peaks rings with up to 3000 m altitude. Pure natural beauty - just for the Serviced Gleirschvalley is used. No lifts, no cars, no civilization - instead, rest and relaxation. Clear mountain streams, small lakes and picturesque intermediate terraces invite you to rest on the walks and meditate. And if you look closely and listen, is also the representative of the local wildlife - discover - among other things, chamois and marmots. Rhododendrons. Cyclamen and other plants are pleasing to the eye. The peaks and transitions offer hikers and climbers lonely tours, off the tramp parent paths. Again and again find itself in the way managed pastures are perfect for resting. In some pastures and an overnight stay is possible. In Sellrain, Ötz- or Inn Valley and they can always find a room for the initial tour or tour finale. The tourism offices in the tourist villages to advise you. It is also possible to reserve your room online. See more at and

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